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The Online Wealth Room

Create an immersive online trading and investment experience for your customers to increase revenue and loyalty

Xaleon’s Online Wealth Room is a software solution that mimics the face-to-face experience clients have with their Wealth Managers or Private Bankers but remains fully online and digital. Wealth Managers and RMs are for the first time, able to seamlessly serve their clients with a range of tools such as a Whiteboard, Screen Drawing, Co-Browsing, Collaborative Form Filling and eSignatures.

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Why should Wealth Managers consider Xaleon?

With between 60-80% of Wealth Management customers indicating that they still prefer the face-to-face experience with their Wealth Manager or Private Bankers, an online version of the Wealth Management office could support customers and clients who are unable to travel or are located in different areas to their preferred Wealth Manager. The COVID 19 pandemic has meant that Wealth Managers need to find a balanced and scalable solution to create an experience that provides their customers with digital flexibility, but also, the hands-on experience and advice that clients expect.

The Online Wealth Management Office

Wealth Managers can now recreate the face-to-face experience online in a way they were unable to do before. What does this mean? Let’s take a tour around a Wealth Management:

Instead of driving through to the Wealth Managers office, both the customer and the WM are entered into an online meeting room. Unlike other online meeting tools, Xaleon provides all the tools Wealth Managers would have physically, including: a whiteboard, screen drawing, document collaboration, document sharing, video call and eSignatures.

The digital branch is a private online space where customers can be supported with:

  • Setting up a portfolio
  • Creating a new trade (including collaborative form-filling and signing contracts)
  • Investment advice and collaborative investments (Wealth Managers and Private Bankers can guide their clients through every step of the process and take over if they need to)
  • Selling or closing an investment or trade
  • New investment and trade opportunities consulting
  • Know Your Customer process
The digital appointment booker

The digital appointment booker

New clients and current clients are able to select the service they require and book an appointment with their Wealth Manager or Private Banker. The appointment booking tool opens the calendar of the clients personal Wealth Manager, the one you have a relationship with. Clients simply book the appointment – the tool will send the WM a calendar request with a link to the Wealth Management meeting room and send the client a link and reminder on the day 

The Video Call

The Video Call

Clients and their Wealth Managers are able to share the face-to-face experience with a video call – they are able to send each other documents and chat throughout should they need to. Should another member of staff need to join, they can, or, should another family member need to join from a different location, this is also possible.  

The Whiteboard

The Whiteboard

Wealth Managers are able to upload images, documents or websites onto the whiteboard and draw, mark and annotate just as they would with an in-branch experience. A Wealth Manager can highlight certain texts, draw and erase and draw attention to what matters. 

Document Collaboration

Document Collaboration

Forms and documents, especially for new investments or changes can be long and often, mistakes can be made, and often, the process will have to start from the beginning again. This is frustrating for Clients, but also for Wealth Managers who have their own targets and deadlines. With Document Collaboration, Wealth Managers can simply upload the appropriate form that requires filling and signing, and support the client in filling this in, just as they would do in branch. 



After forms and documentation is filled out, the client and the Wealth Manager can sign on the spot with a legally binding eSignature.

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