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The Online Car Showroom

Bring the Showroom home – a solution for increasing online sales conversions

Expectation Spillover from the retail industry has hit the Automotive Industry. Xaleon’s platform ensures that buyers have the Showroom experience, no matter where they are. Xaleon’s Sales Suite recreates the showroom experience at home. The sales agent can walk the buyer through every step of the journey, from selecting the right car, through to signing the agreement documents online in real-time.

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Why should Automotive Organisations consider the Digital Showroom?

The importance of digitalisation is not new. Twenty years ago, a car buyer went to five different dealers before buying a car. Today, with much of the buying process taking place online, a single visit is all it takes to make a decision. Our online showroom provides the automotive industry with a platform that increases online sales of many products: used car sales, new car sales, leasing, hire purchase and up-selling products.

Online Car Sales

Automotive Organisations and Dealers can now re-create the showroom experience online in a way they were unable to do before. What does this mean? Let’s take a tour around a digital showroom:

Instead of driving through to the car showroom, both the buyer and the sales agent are entered into a digital branch room. In this space, all the office/branch tools you would have physically, are now digitally available including: A Whiteboard, Screen Drawing, Document Collaboration, Document Sharing, Video Call and eSignatures.

The online showroom is a private online space where car buyers can be supported with:

  • Finding the best car available to them
  • Collaborative car configuration with an agent
  • Discover car financing options
  • Booking a test drive
  • Collaboratively filling in any forms
  • Securely sending documents such as a valid drivers licence

The Chatbot

Should website visitors linger on a specific car model page for a while longer than usual, or visit the car configurator page, a Chatbot will immediately give them the option of touring the virtual showroom with a dedicated expert who can also help them configure their car.

Live Chat

Live Chat

When a visitor has indicated that they want to enter the online showroom and has answered some qualifying questions with the chatbot, the visitor is directed to an agent in the live chat. The agent can then either support the visitor via chat or invite them to the online showroom to have a real expert conversation.

The Showroom Console

When the potential buyer enters the online showroom, the video call between them and the agent will start. The agent, with access to the full showroom console will be able to introduce themselves as if in person and begin a Co-Browsing session to look at all the cars available to the customer according to their preference and budget. The Agent can ‘drive’ the customer through the entire site. Once a car in found, the agent can start configuring the car with the buyer.

The digital appointment booker:

The digital appointment booker:

As an alternative to the live chat, customers can also book an expert meeting in the online showroom by making an appointment online. This function is ideal as a lead generation machine for car manufacturers and/or dealers and as a way to collect customer data centrally. When making an appointment, the customer is shown the availability of the expert and can easily book the preferred appointment. The tool sends the expert and customer a calendar entry including a link to the digital meeting room. Both receive an appointment reminder on the day of the appointment.

Document Uploads

Document Uploads

Agents are able to upload images, documents or websites onto the whiteboard and draw, mark and annotate just as they would with an in-branch experience. An agent can highlight certain texts, draw and erase and draw attention to what matters.

Document Collaboration

Buyers will have to fill in a fair share of documentation, if they are taking a loan, even more so. With Document Collaboration, agents can support buyers in filling in the documentation necessary, just as they would in the showroom.



After forms and documentation is filled out, the customer and the agent can sign on the spot with a legally binding eSignature.

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