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The Online Bank Branch

Bring the bank branch into the customer's home. Create an immersive online bank branch experience that increases sales and customer loyalty.

Xaleon’s Online Bank Branch is a software solution that mimics the customers in-branch experience online. Bankers, for the first time are able to seamlessly serve the customers in digital meeting rooms that have a range of tools including a whiteboard, screen drawing, co-browsing, collaborative form filling and eSignatures.

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Why should Banks consider the Digital Bank Branch?

With between 50-80% of customers worldwide and across generations still buying new products and accounts in the bank branch, banks need to adapt quickly. On the one hand, banks are forced to close bank branches due to cost pressures. On the other hand, most banking products such as mortgages, new accounts and loans are still bought in the branch. Banks need to find a balanced and scalable solution to create a banking experience that offers their customers digital flexibility, but also support when they need it.

The Online Bank Branch

Banks can now re-create the branch experience online in a way they were unable to do before. What does this mean? Let’s take a tour around a digital banking branch:

Instead of driving through to the bank branch, both the customer and the agent are entered into a digital branch room. In this space, all the office/branch tools you would have physically, are now digitally available including: a whiteboard, screen drawing, document collaboration, document sharing, video call and eSignatures.

The digital branch is a private online space where customers can be supported with:

  • Setting up a new bank account
  • A Mortgage application (including collaborative form-filling and signing contracts)
  • Investment advice and collaborative investments (Wealth Managers and Private Bankers can guide their clients through every step of the process and take over if they need to
  • Bigger online transfers and international transfers
  • New product sales such as insurance
  • Know Your Customer process


Provide better support to customers with questions about settings around a new bank account, e-banking, or major international transfers, and increase first call resolutions. Guide customers through mortgage applications on the website and increase conversion rates.

The digital appointment booker

The digital appointment booker

New customers and current customers are able to select the service they require and book an appointment with the agent or manager of their choice. The appointment booking tool opens the calendar of let’s say all the Wealth Managers available on the day of your choice. You simply book the appointment – the tool will send the agent a calendar request with a link to the digital branch meeting room and send the customer a link and reminder on the day

The Video Chat

The Video Chat

With the help of the video conference room, clients and bank advisors can recreate the face-to-face experience online and conduct MiFID2-compliant online consultations. Send documents to each other and clear up ambiguities immediately. Additional advisors, as well as family members located elsewhere, can join the consultation.

The Whiteboard

The Whiteboard

Bankers can interact visually on the whiteboard, upload images, and draw, highlight or annotate on them - just as they would in the bank branch. Certain points in share price trends can be brought to the forefront to share important points and details.

Document Co-Browsing

Document Co-Browsing

Forms and documents can be long and complicated, especially when it comes to mortgages. Mistakes can happen that prolong the process. Not only are delays frustrating for customers, but complications can also arise for the bank if certain targets and deadlines cannot be met. With document co-browsing, bank advisors can easily upload the appropriate forms, fill them out with the client, and have the client sign them - just as they would in the branch.



After forms and documentation is filled out, the customer and the agent can sign on the spot with a legally binding eSignature.

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How to get started



To make sure we are both aligned, Xaleon will discuss your goals and learn about your business through a value engineering assessment.



Depending on your business and strategic goals, we’ll build a customized roadmap in partnership, from entry point to deployment.



Take the first step to a cutting- edge Digital Bank Branch by adopting the Xaleon platform. Our team will get you started on the path to a capital light, rapid time- to-value platform in the cloud.



In addition to the long-term benefits of the Xaleon Digital Banking Branch Platform, we are committed to rapid speed-to-value so you can start reaping the rewards of the platform quickly.



Ongoing updates and comprehensive support from Xaleon ensure you have a partner in technology. We’re here to simplify your relationship with the platform and lead your business to long-term success.

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