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For Call Centre Operations

Achieve your Operational Excellence

Improve efficiency in your Customer Service Teams and enable them to succeed.

Increase your Teams Satisfaction and Retention

Increase your Teams Satisfaction and Retention

Working in a fast-paced environment with ambitious answer rate goals can put a lot of pressure on a call centre agent. With a backlog of calls waiting, customers getting frustrated and difficulty in understanding what customers are dealing with, call centre have some of the highest staff turnover.

Create Clarity

Create Clarity

One of the biggest struggles for call centre agents is achieving clarity with a customer over the phone. Xaleon’s Support Suite provides a range of solutions which suite a variety of situations, from Chatbots to field simple queries, through to Live Chat, Voice Chat, Video Chat and finally, Co-Browsing.

Empower your Agents to get their Best Work Done

Empower your Agents to get their Best Work Done

Get closer to the face-to-face experience than ever before with tools that break down traditional digital barriers. Share documents, draw concepts and achieve problem resolution faster than ever before, allowing your agents to move on to the next customer with ease.

Free your Focus

Free your Focus

With Team Management, Role-Based Access Control, Single Sign-On and Audit Logs, you are instantly able to gain the actionable insight you need in order to streamline your team and improve the customer experience even further.

Increase the efficiency of your support operations

Increase the efficiency of your support operations


Omnichannel Engagement

Integrate all digital touchpoints from instant messaging through to voice calls, and support customers across web, phone, chat, email, and social media.

Virtual Agent

Support you teams with Chatbots who can help your customers basic needs whilst keeping your agents free for the most urgent support queries.

Role-Bases Access Control

Create roles, assign them to your agents and manage exactly which agent has access to which feature.

Balanced Routing

To ensure a fair and efficient workload, Xaleon distributes incoming messages evenly among your agents.

Performance Analytics

Analyse trends with KPIs, metrics, and role-based dashboards for customer service.

Agent Workspace

Enhance agent productivity with multitasking, integrated solutions and an optimized layout.

Gain Feedback

At the end of a conversation, both customer and agent can fill out a configurable feedback form about the conversation.

Routing Rules

Depending on the topic, direct incoming chats to the appropriate, knowledgeable and available agent.

SLA Rules

Set internal targets for responding to requests and prioritize chats that meet specific conditions.

Additional Information

Define individual properties and information that are important to you and can be stored by agents in addition to the chat history.

Transparent Transcripts

Export chat transcripts in CSV format from Xaleon.

Session Recordings

Provide your agents with context quickly by giving them access to the customer’s recent sessions. Track previous issues seamlessly.

Call Centre Software Integration

Integrate and link Xaleon solutions with your existing software solutions.

Compliance and Training

Record and conduct recordings of Voice and Video Chat as well as Co-Browsing session for both compliance and training purposes.

Create an experience that your customers love

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