For Customer Service and Success Teams

Advance your customer services for 40x better outcome resolution.

Meet your customers where it matters the most: On their screen with Co-Browsing.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Just seeing what your customer is seeing creates an uplift of 45% in issue-resolution time, being able to change gears while they drive? 98% uplift in resolution time.

Let the Customer Drive

Let the Customer Drive

Empower your customer by guiding them through successful resolutions and providing them with visual cues on your website, mobile site or app.

Heart of the Customer, Mind of the Machine

Heart of the Customer, Mind of the Machine

Save time and energy by automating part of your customer interaction. Let a Chatbot handle FAQs and reduce the waiting period for customers.

Show, don’t Tell

Show, don’t Tell

We’ve all played charades over the phone with customer service agents, trying our best to explain what the problem we’re facing is. Take the guess work out of your conversation with your customers and resolve issues on the spot.

Free your Time

Free your Time

Spend less time helping customers by solving their problems faster. Reach and exceed your targets and empower your team to truly connect and collaborate with your customers.

Start-to-end customer service experience with Xaleon


Customer has problem


Behavioural Rules detect customer problem


Chatbot is triggered

A specified chatbot is triggered to engage the customer and offer help.


Chatbot engages, customer explains problem

The Chatbot covers standard questions to gather context, asking the customer to describe their issue or what they are trying to achieve.


Intent-based routing

Xaleon finds the available agent best suited to solve the customer’s problem. Based on the customer’s explanation of their issue, Xaleon uses a combination of sentiment analysis and other parameters (e.g. current page of the user).


Agent enters conversation

The agent seamlessly takes over the conversation previously led by the Chatbot, and can view the existing conversation history.


Upgrade to Co-Browsing

To solve a more complex problem and achieve visual context, the agent can offer to Co-Browse with the customer.


Upgrade to Web Chat or Video Chat

For more a personal, and potentially more efficient conversation, the agent can transition the interaction to a Web Chat or Video Chat.


Problem Solving

With context from Co-Browsing and Web Chat, the agent can guide the customer to a solution in record time. The customer will now be prepared to handle similar situations independently.



After the support interaction, the customer can provide feedback on the service experience, measured according to the net promoter score.

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