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Exceed customer expectations. Drive customer success, retention, and growth

Always be ready to support any customer anywhere

Enable your customer services and success teams to achieve support and service excellence by personalizing interactions, solving customer issues faster than ever before and improving retention, ultimately driving strategic growth.


Engage Anywhere

Xaleon’s Support Suite is a cloud-based or on-premise, on-demand support suite. Set up Co-Browsing and collaboratively work with customers and users on computers, mobile devices, and apps effortlessly. A few seconds is all you need to establish secure connections to offer your customers remote support solutions, everything from troubleshooting through to supporting upgrades is seamless.

Actionable Customer Insights

Actionable customer insights

Need a meaningful behind-the-scenes look at personalising the user experience and selling more products through cross-selling and up-selling? Our engagement platform gives you all the tools you need, from sales to customer service and retention. Create the best possible experience for your customers.

Industry Solutions



Offer your customers the in-branch experience, wherever they are with Digital Consulting and Engagement.



Significantly reduce customer acquisition costs as well as onboarding costs with Digital Consulting for Insurance.



Ensure that your customers have the Showroom experience, no matter where they are.

Energy & Utilities

Energy & Utilities

Dramatically decrease customer churn as well as the cost of customer acquisition with Digital Consulting and Engagement.

Wealth Management

Wealth Management

Offer your high-net-worth customers a personal and customised service delivered digitally from anywhere in the world.

Customer Services

Customer Services

Redefine your customer call centers with a range of solutions including Co-Browsing, video calling, session recordings and analytics.

Simplify every aspect of the customer service experience

Simplify every aspect of the customer service experience

Make it as easy as possible for your customers. Answer all incoming messages via a single platform. Answer urgent concerns via co-browsing. Get visual context via video chat - All without downloads or installations.

Create more personal conversations with Video Chat and Co-Browsing

All channels in one platform

Manage incoming messages from every platform you use, including Facebook Messenger, all on the Xaleon platform. Create more personal conversations with Video Chat and Co-Browsing and gather valuable Feedback through forms to optimize your efforts.

CoBrowsing streamlines communication

Take advantage of visual context

Co-browsing and video chat streamlines communication between customers and service agents through simple, download-free screen sharing and video chat technology. Use Xaleon's co-browsing and video chat to interact with your customers on all devices and browsers and quickly resolve issues through visual context.

Best Live Chat Tool

Safeguard customer privacy

At Xaleon, we value the privacy of our clients. We comply with all data protection laws to treat confidential information as it should be - confidential. All of Xaleon's communication channels are fully encrypted, personal information and sensitive data is masked in all co-browsing sessions. Furthermore, our solution can be installed either in our European cloud, or your local data centre as an on-premise solution.

Automate your processes

Automate your processes

Decrease your bounce rate and create new opportunities for customers to interact with your company via a Chatbot. Increase agent efficiency through smart conversational suggestions.

Highlights of the Support Suite

Voice Chat

Call with customers over the web. The voice chat function allows you to talk to the customer as usual - but without dialling a telephone number.

Video Chat

Upgrade your web call by activating the video calling functionality and give your customer consultation a more personal touch.

Live Chat

Send links, documents, photos and other files quickly and easily via the live chat function. Use pre-prepared text modules and chatbot flows to increase agent efficiency. Upgrade the conversation with Co-Browsing, Voice & Video Chat

Screen Sharing

Use the screen sharing function and let customers visually guide you through any issues. Guide customers to the right solution with clear instructions.


Use Co-Browsing to guide customers on your web portals, websites or mobile apps. Provide context at any time and show information or use tools that are already available on the website.

Document Co-Browsing

Enhance the experience by editing documents together and supporting customers in filling out contracts and PDF applications in real-time.


Use the drawing function in Co-Browsing and document Co-Browsing to provide visual cues and highlight relevant information.


Automate responses to recurring questions. Automate routine questions from agents and create context before they enter the conversation.

Action Rules

Determine “when” and “where” the chat is displayed and how the user is addressed.

Routing Rules

Use routing rules to assign chats to the right agent. Ensure that each customer request is assigned to a free agent with the necessary professional skills.


Divide and conquer by defining and assigning tasks to your team members with our easy-to-use ticketing system.

Mobile SDK

Integrate all Xaleon features into your native mobile app to efficiently handle requests on the same platform and service your customers in any channel.

Customer Services Teams trust the Support Suite to engage and collaborate with their customers.

Create an experience that your customers love

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