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Gain Actionable Insights into your Prospects and Customers

Exceed customer expectations. Drive customer success, retention, and growth.

Identify visitor behaviours, optimize your website & convert visitors into customers. Locate pain points on websites and web applications - reduce bounce, increase conversion rates, and better serve customers. Increase online conversions along the whole customer journey on your website. Determine, where users face difficulties and make data-driven decisions to improve the overall experience to ultimately meet business goals.

Actionable customer insights

Actionable customer insights

Need actionable customer insights to personalise user-experience, cross-sell and up-sell? Our Engagement Platform gives you all the tools you need from sales, engagement and through to customer retention in order to provide your customers with the best experience possible.

Industry Solutions



Offer your customers the in-branch experience, wherever they are with Digital Consulting and Engagement.



Significantly reduce customer acquisition costs as well as onboarding costs with Digital Consulting for Insurance.



Ensure that your customers have the Showroom experience, no matter where they are.

Energy & Utilities

Energy & Utilities

Dramatically decrease customer churn as well as the cost of customer acquisition with Digital Consulting and Engagement.

Wealth Management

Wealth Management

Offer your high-net-worth customers a personal and customised service delivered digitally from anywhere in the world.

Customer Services

Customer Services

Redefine your customer call centers with a range of solutions including Co-Browsing, video calling, session recordings and analytics.

Session Recordings

Increase conversions, save costs, and deliver the best possible experience

Tools to help you gather actionable insights. Gather relevant, comprehensible data you can apply to your business strategy. Relive every move visitors make on your website or web application with our Session Recordings feature. Analyze critical customer behaviours and understand how customers navigate your site from an informed, contextualized perspective.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Use the valuable context Session Recordings provide. Identify bugs and obstacles, see where users leave your site, and watch how visitors truly interact with your website elements

Optimize User Experience

Session Recordings are like play-by-play for your business. Identify the issues customers face by watching and analysing their movements, and gain the actionable insight necessary to make informed improvements.

Reproduce Bugs

Review Session Recordings retroactively to see exactly how users encounter errors, and reproduce them to eliminate such issues in the future.

Highlights of the Insights Suite - Heatmaps

Xaleon Heatmaps help you visualize how and where users spend time on your website or web application. See which features and texts your visitors engage with or ignore using easy-to-interpret graphs.

Visualize aggregate statistical data with Heatmaps

Understand your site performance from a visual standpoint. Use Xaleon Heatmaps to see your visitors’ collective behavior and improve feature and text placement

Evaluate dynamic content

Determine whether sections on your site get the attention you anticipated. Make every line of code count by using Heatmaps to identify overlooked features and improve UX.

Optimize your application

See what features are most popular with visitors, track user navigation, and determine what content to emphasize.

Understand friction

Eliminate weak spots once and for all – pinpoint where users get stuck in processes or forms, stop their interactions, and eventually leave your site.

Heatmap features

Analyze different types of Heatmaps to get the most precise analysis.

Click Heatmaps

See exactly where users click around your site or web application, for both links and non-clickable elements. Discover what is and isn’t working.

Scroll Heatmaps

See how far visitors scroll down a page. Monitor your longer landing pages to see where people typically drop off, and reprioritize.

Move Heatmaps

Understand visitors’ natural navigation. Use Move Heatmaps to understand the placement and length of user mouse hovers.

Form Heatmaps & Analytics

Learn how your forms and fields perform with users. Detect where users get stuck in forms and make improvements.

A/B Testing

Compare your Heatmaps by date span to see how customers respond to changes, especially after launching a website, introducing new pages, or incorporating new elements.

Customer Path Visualization

See the routes visitors take on your website and analyze them cumulatively. Visualize the number of users taking specific routes, and watch their decision-making processes unfold.

Create an experience that your customers love

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