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The World’s #1 Customer Engagement Platform

Achieve a superior customer experience with digital consulting for sales and service excellence.

Xaleon Platfrom

The Xaleon Engagement Platform is a digital console (Cloud-Based or On-Premise), that provides organisations with a feature-rich control tower for better customer communication and collaboration.

Why the Engagement Platform

Increase in Sales conversions


Decrease in Customer Churn


Boost in Satisfaction Levels


Reduction in Costs



The Xaleon Engagement Platform

The Xaleon Engagement Platform is feature-rich with an elegant UI which is so intuitive, that users are up and running with just 30 minutes of training and onboarding. The platform can be used in most organisations and across industries for any organisations who have clients, customers or partner organisations they need to seamlessly engage with.

Solution description

To stay ahead of today’s complex customer, the Engagement Platform console provides a next-generation SaaS solution powering your customer interactions and creating an immersive and personalised experience for your customers, leads and prospects. A turnkey and holistic solution, the Xaleon Engagement Platform takes your team to be operational in as little than one week and as little as three months to reach the payback period. The console empowers your sales, services and marketing teams to achieve revenue targets, reduce churn, increase staff utilisation and decrease costs.  Our enterprise clients value benefits including:

  • Broad range of functions in one platform
  • Coverage of a large number of use cases
  • Flexibility through 100% in-house development
  • API-First: Open interfaces to every function
  • Flexible hosting: cloud-based or on-premise
  • Technical superiority
  • Compliance with data protection regulations
  • Compliance with regulatory
  • requirements in the financial services sector
  • Simple integration

Engagement Platform

Breaking new ground with its highly intuitive, feature and tool rich console and elegant UI, most clients choose to take the engagement platform as their end to end customer experience solution: however, due to the modular nature of our engagement platform, our clients also have the flexibility to create their own platform with specific features and tools that fit into specific business drivers.

Collaboration JavaScript Co-Browsing Universal Co-Browsing Mobile App/SDK Co-Browsing Document Co-Browsing Desktop Screen Sharing Whiteboard eSignature Automation Chatbot Chat Shortcuts Appointment Booking Operation Role Based Access Control Action Rules Routing Rules SLA Rules Real-time Monitoring Investigation Dashboards Reports Customer Feedback Auditlogs Communication Live Chat Video Chat Secure Messenger Messenger Integration Engagement Platform

Key Solution Use Cases

For a more extensive overview of our Use Cases, please request Solution Use Cases, Feature Use Cases or Industry Use Cases here.

Decrease Churn:

We know that churn is not only caused by pricing, but by customer services – in fact, 80% of all churned customers did so due to a poor customer experience.

Improve Digital Sales Conversions:

Many industries outside of retail are struggling to convert online sales. The industries who are struggling the most are Banking, Insurance and Wealth Management.

Improve Renewals:

Insurance renewals, utility renewals and even lease renewals are relied on by organisations for their steady revenue and low cost of acquisition. The Xaleon Engagement Platform supports agents and sales with a seamless end-to-end renewal process.

Improve First Call Resolution:

The Xaleon Engagement Platform, specifically the Communication and Collaboration features can increase FCR from as low as 10% to 90% in a matter of months.

Improve Ticket Resolution:

With the Xaleon Engagement Platform, tickets can be resolved, cradle to grave in a seamless and effective manner.

Improve Agent Utilisation:

Cut the time your agents spend on each call by providing them with the tools to resolve issues faster than ever before. The Xaleon Engagement Platform can cut call times by 50% whilst still ensuring an effective resolution.

Key Industries

The Engagement Platform serves many industries, specifically those within B2C as well as SaaS organisations in B2B. The following core industries are as follows:



Offer your customers the in-branch experience, wherever they are with Digital Consulting and Engagement.



Significantly reduce customer acquisition costs as well as onboarding costs with Digital Consulting for Insurance.



Ensure that your customers have the Showroom experience, no matter where they are.

Energy & Utilities

Energy & Utilities

Dramatically decrease customer churn as well as the cost of customer acquisition with Digital Consulting and Engagement.

Wealth Management

Wealth Management

Offer your high-net-worth customers a personal and customised service delivered digitally from anywhere in the world.

Customer Services

Customer Services

Redefine your customer call centers with a range of solutions including Co-Browsing, video calling, session recordings and analytics.

Is the Xaleon Engagement Platform right for you?

The Engagement Platform is a B2C platform which us suitable for both SMEs and Enterprise Organisations.

Powering the world’s most engaged companies

We’ve got your security, and the security of your customers covered

Our engagement platform is based on BrowseXP technology, providing maximum security, as well as the best user experience.

Maximum security & privacy

Protect all sensitive customer information, at all times. Personally, identifiable information is excluded from data transmission.

Developed in-house

Have full confidence in a product conceptualized, actualized, and perfected by the in-house, Xaleon team.

Simple integration, no load for websites

Add just one line of ultra-lightweight JavaScript snippet (only 12 kB) to your website.

Performance & Scalability

Engineered for maximum performance. Observe customers on your website, Co-Browse with them and gather analytics about their behaviour in real-time.

Create an experience that your customers love

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