Driving digital engagement in Wealth Management

Creating richer customer relationships in Wealth Management, fit for the digital age.

With our solutions, wealth managers are empowered to serve current customers, from high-net individuals, through to those customers who typically struggle with digital solutions. In order to maintain relationships with customers and create a truly omnichannel experience in wealth management, Xaleon created a range of suites focussed on online consulting, online engagement and insights to support Investment and wealth organisations connect with their customer online, like they would in person.

Powering the world’s most engaged Wealth Managers

Wealth managers are able to seamlessly create the in-office consultation online

The High-Net-Worth Clients

Private high-net-worth clients have traditionally valued face-to-face contact, some wealth managers have been more successful at transferring to technology-enabled communication methods. Many high-net-worth individuals attribute great value to a personal and customised service. With Xaleon, wealth managers are able to seamlessly create the in-office consultation online.

Investment Control Support

Investment Control

With regulators pressuring investment and wealth managers to adopt a more transparent approach to a customer’s financial well-being, and enabling customers to make effective investment decisions, the relationship between the investment manager and their client will require an even higher level of engagement.

Wealth Management Relationships

The Relationship Imperative

To retain the trust of their client base, wealth managers will have to pay particularly close attention to the less digitally literate and those who are less accustomed to using technology daily. To differentiate themselves, investment platforms and wealth managers will need to tailor their engagement strategy to meet the specific needs of their customers, particularly as technology-enabled client relations become more prevalent. With Xaleon’s intuitive and elegant UI, anyone online can seamlessly and intuitively connect to their wealth or Investment manager and engage with them in the same way they would in person.

Omnichannel in wealth management


Wealth and Investment customers have always expected a superior experience; however, with a new generation of customers, the expectation is increasing to an always-on, and always-connected experience. Investment advice and products perceived to be tailored to individuals one at a time is only possible with a holistic and modular digital solution. The new generation of investors do not want to feel that they are being treated as a segment but desire a bespoke experience according to their specific goals and preferences.

Find out how the Xaleon’s omnichannel wealth management solution can help you achieve end-to-end digital transformation to build lasting customer relationships and win in the digital economy through mobile and other services.

Closing the customer experience gap in wealth management

Closing the customer experience gap

Even if meetings are forced to become virtual, customers will continue to expect at least the same level of attention, quality of advice and conversation, if not more. Investing in and implementing the appropriate technology to easily facilitate these remote interactions will be key even as we emerge from the pandemic.

Outstanding stand-alone features or powerful suites, the choice is yours

Xaleon offers a flexible range of stand-alone tools or alternatively, full solution suites for sales, marketing and customer services teams. Learn more about your potential return of investment with our ROI Calculator.

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