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Transform Online Booking to an Experience

Transform your service to an experience with customer sales and services software that supports your customers in every part of their online booking journey.


Accelerate Customer Satsifaction

Train Operators have their work cut out for them with a range of elements to keep in mind regarding customer satisfaction, but a lot of customers first interaction with a Train Operator will be booking tickets; and as a first step, if Train Operators, and other City Passenger Transport companies can create a seamless support system for online bookings, customer satisfaction will ultimately increase with repeat business a key outcome.

With the right engagement software, Passenger Rail organisations can increase sales, and establish customer loyalty as well as increase their NPS score.

Low Conversion Rates

Problems with online ticket bookings or confusion in route planning are commonplace. Couple this with student discount codes, complex websites, seat reservations and promotions that don't run smoothly, and rail companies, airline operators and online ticketing platforms are in a similar situation to online retailers who need to support their customers at checkout to increase conversion rates. Xaleon helps problem-solve and collaborate with customers like never before. From chatbots, to live chat and co-browsing, online booking has never been easier.

High number of repeat queries

A large number of the service requests that call centre staff of passenger transport companies face are repetitive. Answering the same question over and over again is not only tedious, but also inefficient - especially when it comes to "non-value" requests that could be automated.

Transform Online Booking to an Experience

Find out how Xaleon's Support Suite can help you create a complete digital transformation and turn online booking into an experience.

Supporting your Customers with Online Tickets

Engaging with customers has never been easier; with Xaleon, passengers can expect the same level of service they would receive in a station, online, with a salesperson waiting to support and help when certain criteria are fulfilled, or when a passenger indicates they require support. For instance, should a consumer visit a site for a train ticket and interact with this page for more than a minute, Train Operators can put a rule in place for a Chatbot to offer the consumer a consultation session with an agent over Live Chat where they can gain access to better deals and better rates. Agents can seamlessly move to a video call and activate Co-Browsing to lead and guide the customer through the website if the issue is complex. Once the customer is happy with the ticket, the agent can support them checking out with the right promotion, discount code, season ticket or student card.

From Service to Experience

When customers have issues with tickets, routes, or refunds, Xaleon’s support suite can help agents connect with customers on the online booking portal to support the customer as much as possible. Live Chat and Video Chat mean that customers can upload evidence documents such as unused train tickets for refunds, or receive support with filling in claim forms or complaint forms.

Monitoring Online Behavior

With Xaleon’s Insight’s Suite, you can monitor customers journeys on your website to discover where they succeed with bookings, and where they struggle. Follow a customer in real-time or utilise heatmaps to continually improve the customer journey.

The choice is yours

Xaleon offers a flexible range of stand-alone tools or alternatively, full solution suites for sales, marketing and customer services teams. Learn more about your potential return of investment with our ROI Calculator.

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