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Truly connect with your customers

With our solutions Customer Services Centres are able to truly connect with and support their customer like never before. With hyperconnected customers expecting perfect service every time they deal with a brand, the pressure on agents is at an all time high. With attrition in call centres as high as 35%, Xaleon has created a solution that is not only good for the customer, but also good for the agent.

Chatbots, Live Chat and Voice Chat for customer services

Agent Fluctuation

One of the biggest problems for call centres is the high turnover of employees. Since this is as high as 35%, Xaleon has created a solution that is not only good for customers, but also for agents. Having to deal with new challenges every day while frustrated customers are on the phone is tough. Customer service agents are at greater risk of burn-out than employees in any other industry. Easy-to-use, innovative technologies help maintain the joy of solving customer problems, increase employee satisfaction and reduce turnover. Learn how Xaleon's Support Suite can help you do just that.

Create seamless digital experience in customer service

High pressure to increase efficiency & achieve KPIs

Every year, call centres are asked by management to work more efficiently and reduce costs, while at the same time keeping their service levels high and achieving other KPIs such as customer satisfaction, first call resolution and average handling time. This creates an enormous pressure of expectations that can usually only be met by new, innovative technology.

Reducing Agent Attrition

Transform from a cost center to a profit center

Many organisations are in the process of transforming their customer service centre into a sales support centre and turning the "cost centre" into a "profit centre". This change requires organisational changes and staff training, as well as an adapted technology stack.

CoBrowsing in customer services

Communication and Collaboration are key

In order to combat the key issues that most call and service centres battle on a daily basis, Xaleon created the Support Suite. Empower your agents to seamlessly and quickly get to the root of any query or issue a customer may have by using a range of tools, including Co-Browsing to achieve a better First time Resolution. Xaleon’s solutions are up to 40% faster and 30% more successful than current solutions in the market.

Actionable insights in customer services

Gather important insights like never before

With Xaleon's Support Suite, you not only equip your agents with modern call centre technology and automate all operational processes in the background, but also gain important insights into your call centre such as service quality and efficiency. We provide all the information you need to improve your customer and agent experience.

The choice is yours

Xaleon offers a flexible range of stand-alone tools or alternatively, full solution suites for Sales, Marketing and Customer Services teams. Learn more about your potential return of investment with our ROI Calculator.

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