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Expectation spillover from the retail industry has hit the Automotive Industry. Xaleon’s platform ensures that buyers have the Showroom experience, no matter where they are.

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Online Car Sales

The importance of digital is not new.

Twenty years ago, a car buyer would visit up to five different dealers before buying a car. Today, when most of the buyer journey is online, it takes just one visit, and sometimes no visits at all to commit. The importance of having a strong digital sales experience has never been more important for the Automotive Industry.

Xaleons Sales Suite recreates the showroom experience at home. The sales agent can walk the buyer through every step of the journey, from selecting the right car, through to signing the agreement documents online in real-time.

Automotive Industry Digital Transformation

Direct to Customer

Automotive organizations are faced with the task of responding to a market in transformation and, at the same time, transform themselves.  Fast increasing wage bills, rising rents, supply chain complexities and the need to deliver significant structural change mean costs will continue to rise and profits continually threatened. To battle these costs and increase profits, automotive organizations must take back control from third-party dealerships and ensure the point-of-sale is made directly.

Car Sales CoBrowsing

Digital Transformation

Introducing online retail platforms either direct-to-customer or via dealers, and digitalising and integrating commercial tools from Co-Browsing to online contract-signing is key for Automotive organisations to stay ahead of the ever-moving customer expectation target. Improving the digital buying process can ultimately lead to a competitive advantage and increased sales.

Car Sales COVID-19

The Technology Imperative

Consumers will be more accepting of – and engaged with – technologies than ever before. Enforced change due to the Covid19 pandemic presents an opportunity to bring the showroom experience to the home. Experimenting with direct-to-consumer and dealer business models. A transition to digital channels will lead some dealerships with multiple, expensive sites to begin rationalising their estate.

Car Customer Service

Customer Engagement

A good customer engagement process can make all the difference, especially in Hire to Purchase where customers will either be retained or churn when their hire or lease is up.

Outstanding stand-alone features or powerful suites, the choice is yours

Xaleon offers a flexible range of stand-alone tools or alternatively, full solution suites for sales, marketing and customer services teams. Learn more about your potential return of investment with our ROI Calculator.

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