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Use your teams for the important things, for the rest, automate

Enhance your first-level support with Customer Services Automation features

Open your agents time for the queries and issues that require manual intervention. With Chatbots, Chat Rules and Predictive Analytics, create a seamless experience for your customers. Need automation in your sales process? Try appointment scheduling.


Create pre-built chat dialog flows to qualify leads, answer routine questions, and more. If a problem is too complex for a Chatbot to guide a customer through, an agent will be alerted and can seamlessly take over with Live Chat.

Live Chat Rules

Live Chat Rules

Create rules to manage the availability of your agents and define when chatbots begin engaging with customers. Use action rules to define “when” and “where” the live chat is visible and how the user is addressed. Define SLA rules, which type of customer request should be prioritised and set targets for the speed of response.

Appointment Scheduling

Appointment Scheduling

Give customers and prospects access to the calendar availability of your account managers and sales staff and let customers easily book suitable appointments. Your calendar is automatically updated and both parties, receive a reminder on the day of the appointment.

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