Xaleon Co-Browsing Advantages: How We Stand Out

Ziad Hussien
5 min Read
Jun 20, 2020

One common question we always get is, “Aren’t all Co-Browsing solutions the same?” While some customers believe Co-Browsing is a standard solution, this could not be further from the truth. Co-Browsing solutions are fundamentally different because every company creates a different code. Live chat companies use different frameworks, scripts, and technologies with distinct characteristics. Therefore, it is crucial to identify which solution is more performant and aligns with your security standards and business policies.

How Performant is Our Co-Browsing Solution?

When selecting Co-Browsing software, you should ask yourself a few important questions.

  1. How big is the code on the website?

We have tested dozens of Co-Browsing solutions in the market and found ours to be the lightest code with a size of only 30kb. Code size is significant since most enterprise websites hold an average of 1000 to 3000 code snippets.

  1. What is the delay between the customer’s and the agent’s screen?

We understand that a high performing Co-Browsing software is essential for keeping communication as smooth as possible. With only 50ms, the scroll delay between the customer-agent view is virtually unnoticeable.

  1. Does Xaleon Co-Browsing support complex websites?

Websites are becoming more and more complex. That is why we have developed a Co-Browsing software that will accurately display your site now and in 3-5 years. One of the biggest reasons why enterprises work with us is because our Co-Browsing solution can display even the most complex of web technology, such as when BMW choose us because we were able to display their complex car configurator accurately.

Security of Xaleon Co-Browsing Software

Since our solutions target enterprises, Xaleon builds every feature with a security-first approach. Our Co-Browsing software is already in use by banks, insurances, and other institutions interacting with customers online. Here are three security advantages of our software:

  1. Xaleon Co-Browsing requires NO downloads or installations, making things so much easier for your customers, especially the non-tech savvy type. You also do not have to worry about firewalls or company device policies blocking the Co-Browsing software.

  2. Xaleon Co-Browsing can mask all sensitive data, such as: (credit card data or address). Therefore, the customer can be at ease while filling in their personal information.

  3. The agent will only be able to see the website that is being co-navigated with the customer.

The Bottom Line

Making the correct decision to consider a Co-Browsing solution that seamlessly performs and integrates with your ever-growing dynamic website and business needs is vital to the success of your contact center. Implementing a performant Co-Browsing software that never lets you down will give you a competitive edge and enhance your customer satisfaction.

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Ziad Hussien

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