Why Co-Browsing Improves the Quality of your Customer Support

Ziad Hussien
3 min Read
Mar 28, 2020

As a business owner or head of a contact center department, you must continually keep up with technological changes, advancements, and new solutions to old problems. This is especially true when you focus on customer support since it is one of the main departments with a massive impact on your customers’ satisfaction level. Being good in business doesn’t just mean doing everything correctly; it also means helping your clients whenever necessary and offering them functional and reliable solutions to problems as they arise.

Co-Browsing is specifically aimed at streamlining the communication between your agents and your clients by simply making it possible to Co-Browse on any device. You can provide real-time assistance by offering your clients someone to talk to alongside a clear visual experience. Customer support inquiries can be resolved much quicker this way, and with a much higher level of customer satisfaction.

How does Co-Browsing work exactly?

The basis of Co-Browsing is the ability to see and interact with your customers’ screen in real-time, making it easier for agents to know where the problem originated. If a client calls your company with a problem, it can sometimes take days just to find out what exactly is wrong. Being able to see what your client sees reduces the amount of time necessary to solve the problem. The process itself is straightforward:

  1. Your agents receive an inquiry from a client or customer
  2. The agent offers them the option of Co-Browsing
  3. Once the client accepts, the agent can visually guide the customer to a solution

Nowadays, customer support has gone way beyond just answering a call. By offering your clients someone to speak to personally as well as visual engagement, you can better connect with the customer and avoid miscommunication. Not all clients are tech-savvy, making Co-Browsing the perfect solution for understanding what your clients are going through and providing them with a solution to their problem at the same time. Not convinced yet? Check out these five ways Co-Browsing improves the quality of your customer support.

1. Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty

Several reports have shown that clients would ideally like their queries to be solved within a very short timeframe: 5 minutes. With Co-Browsing, you will achieve much faster resolution rates, since you can directly see the exact problem your client is facing. At the same time, you build trust with your clients, as they see in real-time how your agents quickly and efficiently solve their problems. This creates a firm foundation of trust and loyalty.

2. Increase ROI for e-commerce businesses and webshops

Co-Browsing is especially useful for e-commerce businesses since it allows your agents to guide customers through the process of ordering and completing a purchase. This will leave your customers satisfied with the swiftness of the process, as well as providing them with useful information for future purchases.

3. Increase the amount of first-call resolutions

With Co-Browsing, your agents will immediately see what your client sees, making it much easier for them to get to the core of the issue or problem. By going through an issue or problem step-by-step, the agent can identify the error swiftly and solve it while in direct contact with the customer or client.

4. Reduce the handling time of an issue

Not only will you solve most issues during the first call, but the time it takes to find the problem is also significantly reduced with Co-Browsing. This increases the productivity of your agents and reduces customer support costs since agents will also be more motivated to help your clients. It is far more gratifying to help someone quickly than to go over the same issue endlessly.

5. The client’s private information is well protected

This last reason is a critical one since nowadays, clients value their privacy above all else. With Co-Browsing, the client is completely in control regarding what your agents can see on their browser or screen. It is even possible to hide bits of information, or only show the appropriate browser tab. Your clients’ privacy is thus well-protected. Want to know more?

Xaleon offers multiple solutions to increase customer engagement significantly. If you would like a personal quote or more information about Co-Browsing, do not hesitate to contact our team for advice or support. We are always happy to provide custom solutions specifically tailored for your type of business.

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