Why Are Companies Using Co-Browsing?

Ziad Hussien
4 min Read
Apr 2, 2020

There are many advantages to integrating a Co-Browsing solution into your customer service department; however, it is critical to understand the impact of the personalized service delivery Co-Browsing has on businesses.

Why Does Co-Browsing Have So Much Positive Impact on Businesses?

Simplicity and ease of use make Co-Browsing an effective tool for customer service. There are NO downloads or installations needed whatsoever. With just a click of a button, Co-Browsing begins to do its magic.

More and more companies realize the importance of having more than one method of customer problem resolution. In today’s world, it’s all about digitalization. How can businesses use Co-Browsing to maximize revenue and maintain outstanding customer service?

Let’s examine how Co-Browsing works:

  1. A Simple click of a button on the customer’s end begins Co-Browsing.
  2. The agent receives an accurate visual representation of the customer’s screen.
  3. The agent can support the customer by safely co-navigating the website.
  4. The agent can facilitate contract signing, application forms, signups, and more.
  5. The agent will be able to view any issue that occurs and help fix it on the spot.
  6. The agent resolves the customer’s issue on the first call.

Why are Companies Using Co-Browsing?

1. Customer Privacy and Security

Co-Browsing is launched with one click, and visitor approval is required with the possibility of stopping at any given time, giving your customers complete control over their screens.

Co-Browsing software is compatible with all browsers and needs NO installations or downloads to launch.

Form data is hidden from the agent and will only be seen by the customer, providing the added security of user data.

Interactions between the customer and the agent take place on a website or a mobile app, needing no special computer or mobile permission to function.

Customer information and page content are not transmitted to Xaleon servers providing 100% protection, which is why Co-Browsing is a go-to for banks.

Furthermore, research shows that most Internet users are always trying to remain anonymous and protect themselves on the Internet.

2. Increases in Sales

Businesses aim to cut cost while providing immaculate customer service. This can be an issue if you’re behind the game when it comes to visual engagement tools.

In this highly competitive market, meeting customer expectations is mandatory. According to reports, about 70% of the consumers online expect their questions answered within 5 minutes. Customers are satisfied and loyal to businesses when their problem is solved as quickly as possible.

Businesses can meet the expectations of their clients and ensure they are 100% satisfied by using technological tools such as Co-Browsing. Using real-time visual engagement tools helps build customer loyalty and improve business results.

3. Increased Agents’ Efficiency

When your agents can minimize the time spent on one customer issue through faster identification of the problem, they become highly efficient. Your agents can reduce average handling time while providing more service throughout the day.

Sometimes customers and agents get frustrated when trying to figure out where the problem lies. Using Co-Browsing as a solution to this issue facilitates the process of customer service, and you end up with happy customers and happy agents.

4. Reduced Customer Service Cost

Visual engagement tools are a quick method for solving customer issues on the spot and reducing the number of touchpoints a customer might have. Having such a powerful tool by your side can eliminate potential dissatisfaction, drive up sales, and resolve issues on the first call, which ultimately leads to reduced customer service costs.

5. Greater Customer Satisfaction

Alleviating customer hassles through Co-Browsing in real-time helps companies significantly improve customer satisfaction rates compared to businesses that do not have this service.

Co-Browsing agents can see the client’s browser and determine where they are having problems. At the same time, agents will guide the clients to a definite resolution from the first call. Through this personalized service, customers feel valued and appreciated. It builds trust and forms a bond between the customer and the brand.

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