Should Contact Centers Use Co-Browsing: Use Cases

Ziad Hussien
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Jun 4, 2020

As technology advances day-to-day, it is crucial that a customer feels supported across all touchpoints in their customer lifecycle. According to Forrester, Brands with better customer experience reap 5.7 times more revenue than competitors who care less about customer experience.

In this day and age, executives are always searching for ways to reduce costs and provide excellent customer service at the same time. In contact centers, Co-Browsing does just that!

In this post, we will define Co-Browsing, show a few examples of how it is used in business today, and discuss the security and reliability of Co-Browsing.

So, What Is Co-Browsing?

Co-Browsing is a secure technology that allows a support agent to see what a customer sees on their screen, without downloads or installations. Being optimized for web and mobile, our Co-Browsing solution enables an agent to click or scroll, highlight key information, and, therefore, quickly guide a customer to a solution.

Xaleon Co-Browsing is independent of all communication channels; It simply integrates with your existing methods of communication such as phones, chat sessions, or emails, thus providing personal support in real-time across multiple channels.

Should Contact Centers Use Co-Browsing?

Yes, but why? It is often difficult for a customer service representative to understand what is happening on the customer’s end. Therefore, most of the valuable time is spent identifying and understanding the issue. While this is frustrating for both the customer and the agent, it doesn’t have to be this way. Co-Browsing removes the barriers between a customer and an agent by allowing the agent to see what the customer sees in real-time. As a result, support interaction times decrease, and customers are satisfied.

Nowadays, decision-makers are moving visual engagement solutions from the “nice to have” category into the “need to have” list. To understand why let’s underline some key benefits on the following metrics:

Reducing Average Handling Time – It is often difficult for a customer service representative to understand what is happening on the customers’ end. As a result, most of the valuable time is spent on finding the problem. With Co-Browsing, your support professionals will not request screenshots for issues or have to ask the customer to download a screen sharing solution. Co-Browsing enables the agent to access the customer’s browser directly and identify the problem on the spot, leading to a quick solution.

Calculate your contact center cost savings using our Co-Browsing ROI calculator.

Encouraging First Call Resolution – It’s a known fact that companies who provide a first call resolution tend to have the highest customer satisfaction ratings. People don’t want to have endless contact with service agents to solve their problems. Co-Browsing helps the agent to visually identify the problem and guide the customer to a solution on the spot.

Optimizing Your Sales Process – Co-browsing facilitates the process of moving customers faster to the bottom of the sales funnel and provides excellent opportunities to increase sales by upselling and cross-selling products or services. Industries such as banking, insurance, healthcare, retail, and financial services use this tool to increase sales online.

Co-Browsing Use Cases

Interactions with customers have become simple in businesses with the advancement of new technology. Co-Browsing is a clear example of how technology has changed the customer service realm and made it more intuitive and personal. To put Co-Browsing into context lets explore some use cases:

Customer Service – Using a show not tell approach in customer support delivers a quicker and more accurate resolution. Whether it’s completing a purchase, filling in an application, or fixing a technical issue, Co-Browsing significantly enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Sales Productivity – Advisors should be able to engage with customers at the right moment and guide them through the buyer’s journey. In the case of signing or looking over a contract, an agent can quickly open the document with Co-Browsing and walk the customer through the text effectively. Providing the necessary tools for the sales process will improve conversions and sales.

Technical Support – Technical issues are now a piece of cake since agents are able to see exactly what customers are experiencing on their screen. Average handling time is reduced, and customer satisfaction is improved.

Training and Onboarding – While Co-Browsing is an excellent tool for enhancing customer support, it is also a useful tool for onboarding and training employees on using new products.

Security of Co-Browsing

It is an essential step to select a Co-Browsing solution that tailors to your company’s security requirements and internal policies. That’s why at Xaleon, we build every feature with a security-first approach.

8 Questions to Ask Before Selecting A Co-Browsing Software

Three key factors determine the security of Co-Browsing as supposed to traditional screen sharing:

  1. Co-Browsing requires NO downloads or installations, making things so much easier for your customers, especially the non-tech savvy type. You also don’t have to worry about firewalls or company device policies blocking the Co-Browsing software.

  2. Co-Browsing has the ability to mask all sensitive data, such as: (credit card data or address). Therefore the customer can be at ease while filling in his/her personal information.

  3. The agent will only be able to see the website that is being co-navigated with the customer.

Last Words

Co-Browsing is becoming an essential tool for every contact center today. However, since Co-Browsing is a relatively new technology as compared to screen sharing, more and more leaders are still finding out about it. Incorporating Co-Browsing into your workflow will have a significant impact on handling time, first call resolution, and sales productivity.

To know more about Xaleon Co-Browsing and the various customer engagement solutions offered at Xaleon, contact our team directly on live chat or send us an email.

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