Is Co-Browsing a Secure Alternative to Screen Sharing?

Ziad Hussien
3 min Read
Apr 22, 2020

Implementing solutions that work cohesively to fulfill positive customer experience is imperative for your customers’ buyer journey. Possessing the knowledge needed to understand customer behavior can ultimately improve your customer service and overall business stature.

Due to the latest regulations set by the GDPR, data security has become of paramount importance and can make or break the business. Therefore, in this blog, we’ll discuss a few key aspects that make Co-Browsing the most secure form of screen sharing solution in the market today.

Security of Co-Browsing:

Companies in the financial industries (such as banks and insurances) around the globe handle highly sensitive customer information. When interacting with, supporting or consulting customers, the financial industries trust in Co-Browsing.

Many people confuse Co-Browsing with screen sharing, but while there are many similarities, there are a few key differences:

  1. Co-Browsing requires NO downloads or installations. This makes things so much easier for your customers, especially the non-tech savvy type. You also don’t have to worry about firewalls or company device policies blocking the Co-Browsing software.
  2. Co-Browsing has the ability to mask all sensitive data, such as: credit card data or address. Therefore, the customer can be at ease while filling in his/her personal information.
  3. The agent will only be able to see the website that is being co-navigated with the customer.

How does it work?

  • On the website, a click of a button on the customer’s end initials a Co-Browsing session.
  • The customer receives an ID and shares it with the agent.
  • The agent uses the ID to connect with the customer’s screen.
  • The agent instantly receives an accurate visual representation of the customer’s screen.
  • The agent guides the customer by clicking, scrolling, and highlighting key information.
  • Once the issue is resolved, the agent or the customer can end the Co-Browsing session.

Security of Co-Browsing Vs. Screen Sharing Technology

Screen sharing offers complete access to the agent’s end. The agent can download, install, copy, delete any files, just like its personal space. On the other hand, Co-Browsing needs NO downloads or installations to work. A simple press of a button on the customer’s end initiates a Co-Browsing session.

Screen sharing tech is powered by third-party add-ons, which are a threat to privacy. On the other hand, Co-Browsing is an online utility to share the browser’s page. This way, Co-Browsing is safe when it comes to privacy.

Do Enterprises use Co-Browsing?

Big corporations and global banks use Co-Browsing as an essential visual engagement tool in their contact centers. The effect Co-Browsing has on customer experience, first call resolution (FCR) and average handling time (AHT) cannot be overstated.

Whereas applications providing Co-Browsing functionality are likely to be hosted in a cloud setup, companies in the financial or other highly regulated industries such as eGovernment services prefer an on-premise setup. The choice of setup depends on the business requirements, and your Co-Browsing vendor should be able to provide any necessary setup for your business needs.

Getting Started with a Safe Co-Browsing Solution

Xaleon builds every feature with a security-first approach. Our software is easy to use and requires little to no IT resources from your end. Press the Contact Sales option to learn more about how Co-Browsing can transform your contact center workflow or request a demo to experience our solution firsthand.

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