How Co-Browsing Transforms Insurance Company Sales Productivity

Ziad Hussien
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May 5, 2020

Today the customer-brand relationship is fundamental to a company’s success, especially in business sectors that offer services online. There is no doubt that online purchases have increased dramatically, especially in the last few months, due to the Coronavirus. Such a drastic transition in consumer behavior has affected traditional face-to-face sales communication forever. Whether selling auto insurance, health insurance, or liability insurance, consumers are switching their preferences to buying online.

Executives realize that they are in a one-in-a-life-time opportunity to reduce costs and build new streams of revenue growth as history shows that the most significant shifts in market share usually come at critical technological junctures and world-changing events. Those who take advantage of such opportunities tend to become industry leaders and innovators. Given the profound change in today’s customer purchase behavior, let us find out how Co-Browsing can shape the way you communicate with your customer and the benefits it reaps on your business.

What is Co-Browsing?

Co-Browsing is a secure technology that allows a support agent to see what a customer sees on their screen, without downloads or installations. Being optimized for web and mobile, Co-Browsing enables an agent to click or scroll, highlight key information, and, therefore, quickly guide a customer to a solution.

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Co-Browsing is independent of all communication channels; It simply integrates with your existing methods of communication such as phones, chat sessions, or emails, thus providing personal support in real-time across multiple channels. Co-Browsing is a flexible visual engagement solution that offers an add-on benefit for customer support.

Co-Browsing Transforms Sales Productivity

Conversations that use Co-Browsing between agents and customers provide excellent opportunities to increase sales by upselling and cross-selling products or services. Industries such as insurance, banking healthcare, retail, and financial services use this powerful tool to increase sales online.

Buying insurances online requires a lot of information exchange between the customer and the agent. Customers may have concerns or questions about insurance policies or need clarification on specific points. Providing a seamless process at these points of interaction will significantly increase sales and customer satisfaction.

How Does It Work?

  • On the website, a click of a button on the customer’s end initials a Co-Browsing session.
  • The customer receives an ID and shares it with the agent.
  • The agent uses the ID to connect with the customer’s screen.
  • The agent instantly receives an accurate visual representation of the customer’s screen.
  • The agent guides the customer by clicking, scrolling, and highlighting key information.
  • Once the session is resolved, the agent or the customer can end the Co-Browsing session.

How Secure is Co-Browsing?

Insurance businesses around the globe handle highly sensitive customer information. When interacting with, supporting, or consulting customers, insurance industries trust in Co-Browsing.

Many people confuse Co-Browsing with screen sharing, but while there are many similarities, there are a few key differences:

  • Co-Browsing requires NO downloads or installations, making things so much easier for your customers, especially the non-tech savvy type. You also don’t have to worry about firewalls or company device policies blocking the Co-Browsing software.
  • Co-Browsing can mask all sensitive data: such as credit card data or address. Therefore, the customer can be at ease while filling in his/her personal information.
  • The agent will only be able to see the website that is being co-navigated with the customer.

Co-Browsing Delivers Superior Customer Service

Youbiquity reports that almost 75 percent of the study respondents who attempted to purchase insurance online had a multitude of issues, and 72 percent complained about the complexity of the process.

With Co-Browsing, insurance sales agents can seamlessly support customers through the sales funnel and provide valuable insights visually. Show and tell has always been the most powerful method of communication, and sales agents should have all the tools they need to guide their customers throughout their buyer’s journey online.

Delivering top-notch customer service and support is the key to the success of all businesses. Gaining the confidence and loyalty of your customers is, without a doubt, the goal of every company.

The Bottom Line

Co-Browsing can significantly transform your sales productivity by adding the visual element to any conversation. Implementing such a powerful visual engagement tool can positively improve your sales and customer satisfaction.

With multiple Co-Browsing solutions in the market, it is important to read about which solution makes sense for your business needs.

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