Co-Browsing Is Essential In the Time of Coronavirus

Ziad Hussien
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Mar 31, 2020

With the vast spread of the well-known Coronavirus and a drastic increase in infections, big and small companies are seeing a downfall. COVID-19 hit hard as corporations and LLC’s are switching their employees to work from their homes. In this post, we’ll discuss how you can evolve your customers’ experience and enhance customer loyalty, all from the comfort of their own homes.

The New World of Digitalization

More and more companies are finding ways to improve their customers’ satisfaction better and to provide a more natural and convenient experience. Today, potential customers are less likely to visit malls, banks, and retail stores to avoid infection and more likely to engage with online platforms. This opens an opportunity for you to transform your customer service platform online: up close and personal. The answer: Co-Browsing, Video Calling, and Chatbots.

Your customer should be able to navigate your website with ease and without ever having to visit your store. If a struggle emerges, your customer should be able to seek assistance through chatbots, video calls, and Co-Browsing tools. Furthermore, Forms and applications can sometimes be tricky to fill out. Therefore, there should always be a customer service agent waiting to assist on the other side using any virtual assistance tool available.

Engaging with your Customers

The basis of engagement is Co-Browsing. It is the possibility to see and interact with your customers’ screens in real-time, making it easier for agents to know where the problem originated. If a client calls your company with a problem, it can sometimes take days just to find out what is wrong exactly. Being able to see what they see can reduce the amount of time necessary to solve the problem immensely. The process itself is straightforward:

  1. Your agents receive an inquiry from a client or customer
  2. The agent offers them the option of Co-Browsing
  3. Once the client accepts, the agent can guide the customer to a solution visually

Customer support nowadays has gone way beyond just answering a call. By offering your clients someone to speak to personally as well as visual engagement, you will be better able to connect to the customer and avoid miscommunication. Not all clients are very tech-savvy, making Co-Browsing the perfect solution to understanding what your clients are going through and, at the same time, providing them with a solution to their problem.

Customer Loyalty and Experience

How will the convenience of Co-Browsing and digital servicing affect your customers?

  1. Increase ROI’s for e-commerce and online shops
  2. Increase the number of first-call resolutions
  3. Drastically decrease the handling time of any issue
  4. The clients’ personal information is well protected
  5. Customers will be satisfied and will develop loyalty for your product or service

Today’s market is very unpredictable. Empowering your business with the right digital tools will not only help in combating the struggles of the Coronavirus outbreak but will also drastically drive up your customers’ loyalty, experience, and satisfaction.

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Ziad Hussien

In his dynamic role as Head of Content at Xaleon, Ziad is known for his tenacity and passion for shaping the future of company-customer communication. In this blog, Ziad shares his insights on how to improve and deliver the best possible customer experience when being in touch with customers digitally. Outside of Xaleon, he is an avid reader, blogger, pianist, poet, and a proud husband.

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