Co-Browsing and Phone Communications in Contact Centers

Ziad Hussien
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Apr 15, 2020

Alissa has a complicated question about her account. Unfortunately, she can’t find answers on Google and decides to call customer service. A couple of minutes pass, and a support agent answers the call. “Hello, thank you for calling … this is Jack. How may I help you?”. Alissa takes 2 minutes to explain the issue she’s facing to the agent. Jack can’t see the problem on her screen, so he’s figuring out a way to help her. After some time, he takes 2 minutes to provide instructions to help resolve the issue. Alissa asks the agent to repeat what he says because she can’t find the button on the page. The agent does his best to explain the instructions again.

The traditional method of customer support is dying out. Successful companies are implementing new technologies to help solve old problems in customer service communications. Using Co-Browsing as a seamless visual engagement tool and using it with traditional communication methods or live video is the way forward in customer support.

Visual support has dramatic effects on KPIs. Improvements in FCR, NPS, and Truck Rolls have been proven to translate into lower customer churn and overall better customer experience.

To understand how Co-Browsing can revolutionize your customer support system and provide exceptional customer experience, we have to understand what Co-Browsing is and how it benefits your business:

What is Co-Browsing?

Co-Browsing is a secure technology that allows a support agent to see what a customer sees on their screen, without downloads or installations. Being optimized for web and mobile, Co-Browsing enables an agent to click or scroll, highlight key information, and, therefore, quickly guide a customer to a solution.

Two Simple Ways Co-Browsing Can Benefit Your Business

• It Ensures Quick Identification of the Problem

Consider the number of hours your support professionals can save if they had enough context. It is often difficult for a customer service representative to understand what is happening on the customers’ end. As a result, more time than necessary is spent to achieve mutual context. However, with Co-Browsing, the agent can access the customers’ browsers directly to identify the problem and resolve it quickly.

• It Ensures Complete Resolution of the Problem at the First Call

The ugly part of the customer service task is that not all customer inquiries can be resolved on the first call. It can sometimes take a few calls for the issue to be resolved entirely. However, with Co-Browsing, these continuous problems and time-wasting issues can be avoided in real-time.

Co-Browsing and Phone Communications

Co-Browsing and phone service do not need integration since they are both completely separate systems that seamlessly work together. When a customer phones in and communicates with the agent, the agent can request to open a Co-Browsing session with the customer. With a click of a button, the session begins, and the agent guides the customer to a quick resolution.

How does it work, you may ask?

  • On the website, a click of a button on the customer’s end initials a Co-Browsing session.
  • The customer receives an ID and shares it with the agent.
  • The agent uses the ID to connect with the customer’s screen.
  • The agent instantly receives an accurate visual representation of the customer’s screen.
  • The agent guides the customer by clicking, scrolling, and highlighting key information.
  • Once the issue is resolved, the agent or the customer can end the Co-Browsing session.

Using Alissa and Jack as an example, customers and agents don’t have to waste their valuable time explaining and understanding problems. With a simple Co-Browsing session used with another communication tool, issues are transparent, brief, and simple to resolve.

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