Co-Browsing: An Essential Tool for Insurance Companies

Ziad Hussien
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Apr 18, 2020

In today’s competitive market, insurance companies strive to stand out and differentiate in order to keep up with customer expectations. As the industry grows fierce in competition, more companies are seeking different ways to increase their efficiency and hasten their responses. Helping customers complete online forms can be daunting without an efficient visual engagement tool. That’s where Co-Browsing comes in: an easy to use, flexible visual engagement solution that enables the agent to guide a customer without having to download or install anything on your customer’s end.

According to Aberdeen’s survey of 215 companies, “Businesses employing visual engagement tools enjoy an 83% greater year-over-year increase in annual company revenue, compared to All Others (8.8% vs. 4.8%).” The growth in revenue outlined by this study is the result of agents being able to view customer problems in real-time.

The Challenge of Customers

Understanding insurance products can be challenging, and sometimes the abundance of options and information can leave customers confused. Sometimes, it’s even harder to file insurance claims. They may not be able to fill out the form or choose the correct options. Fortunately, there is always a solution to every problem. Let’s discover how Co-Browsing can ultimately enhance your customer support and provide an overall better customer experience.

What is Co-Browsing?

Co-Browsing is a secure technology that allows a support agent to see what a customer sees on their screen, without downloads or installations. Being optimized for web and mobile, Co-Browsing enables an agent to click or scroll, highlight key information, and, therefore, quickly guide a customer to a solution.

How Does Co-Browsing Work?

  • On the website, a click of a button on the customer’s end initials a Co-Browsing session.
  • The customer receives an ID and shares it with the agent.
  • The agent uses the ID to connect with the customer’s screen.
  • The agent instantly receives an accurate visual representation of the customer’s screen.
  • The agent guides the customer by clicking, scrolling, and highlighting key information.
  • Once the issue is resolved, the agent or the customer can end the Co-Browsing session.

Co-Browsing is independent of all communication channels; It simply integrates with your existing methods of communication such as phones, chat sessions, or emails, thus providing personal support in real-time across multiple channels. Co-Browsing is a flexible visual engagement solution that offers an add-on benefit for customer support.

So what are the benefits of Co-Browsing on your insurance business?

1. Supports Customer Acquisition

The wealth of information on the internet and the endless insurance companies to choose from can be overwhelming for customers. Customers naturally will search for the most appropriate insurance type for their needs. Once they land on your website and requests a quote, you’ll be able to provide a seamless experience and an outstanding presentation. Using live chat and Co-Browsing together is a great combination that allows your customers to understand all your products with ease and promote positive engagement between the agent and the customer. Using Co-Browsing also suggests you, as a company, are a top-notch insurance provider with excellent customer service and support.

2. Trust and Security

Co-Browsing is already in use by insurance companies around the world. Many people confuse Co-Browsing with Screen Sharing, but while there are many similarities, there are a few key differences:

  • Co-Browsing requires NO downloads or installations to be used.
  • The ability to mask all sensitive data, such as: credit card data or address. Therefore, the customer can be at ease while filling in his/her personal information.
  • The agent will only be able to see the website that is being co-navigated with the customer.

3. Resolves Form Issues

Filling out an online claim is not always easy. Even people comfortable with filling out forms can have multiple questions or concerns. Co-Browsing, when combined with another channel of communication, can alleviate issues and help agents guide customers with ease. Providing the tool for seamless communication will enhance your customer’s experience and build a long-term customer-company relationship.

4. Customer Experience And World of Mouth

According to surveys, Insurance companies are handled with caution by the general population. Harris Poll surveyed 97,000 consumers and concluded that consumers are more disengaged and distrustful to insurance companies than to major banks. Though this is an unfortunate result for the industry, this shows room for improvement and bears a great opportunity. Insurance companies that provide top-notch customer experience are able to differentiate, therefore drive business, and profit from the most powerful form of advertisement: word of mouth. Be sure that - especially due to the current perception of the industry - customers will share their experience with their friends and family.

The Bottom Line

Differentiation is key to the success of insurance companies. Use Co-Browsing to prevent disputes from happening and grow your business revenue by attracting more loyal customers.

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