Co-Browsing - An Essential Tool for Banks

Ziad Hussien
3 min Read
Apr 6, 2020

More and more banks are utilizing Virtual Engagement software to provide better customer experience for their wealth management customers. It’s now becoming a real trend that banks provide multiple communication channels to make it possible for customers to communicate with agents while preserving genuine human interaction. This digital transformation spans across the largest and most innovative banks around the globe.

The world of communication is changing rapidly, and this is penetrating the banking sector. Many banks around the world have deployed video conferencing systems enabling customers to communicate with their financial advisors and loan experts. Other banks have introduced virtual banking solutions to transform the physical banking procedures into the virtual realm.

A seamless omnichannel platform of text, audio, and video enables customers to visit your bank branch whenever required; however, there is one key element missing.

Let’s discover what Co-Browsing is and how it can help your customer experience:

What is Co-Browsing?

Co-Browsing is the practice of web-browsing where two or more people are navigating through a website on the internet. Software designed to allow Co-Browsing focuses on providing a smooth experience as two or more users use their devices to browse your website. In other words, your customer can permit the agent to have partial access to his/ her screen in real-time.

Why is Co-Browsing essential for banks?

Online banking transforms traditional engagement into an intuitive banking platform. With Co-Browsing, banks can safely add a feature that will facilitate customer interactions with agents, advisors, or bank experts, much like visiting a brick and mortar branch.

Co-Browsing can help customers complete even the most difficult of bank procedures while having a bank representative on the other side, viewing the screen and guiding the customer step by step until all is resolved.

Now, imagine customer Bob Smith on your bank’s website, and he is having a problem with an online transaction or a question about a financial product like a loan application. In a search for an answer, Bob is calling the hotline, where I, as an agent, pick up.

While Bob is explaining the issue to me, I’m also facing a problem: I can’t see what Bob sees on his screen. I lack any visual context, and that makes it hard for me to properly help him – which results in a mutually negative experience.

With Co-Browsing, this doesn’t have to happen!

Is Co-Browsing Safe?

Yes, Co-Browsing is already in use by banks around the globe. Many people confuse Co-Browsing with Screen Sharing, but while there are many similarities, there are a few key differences:

First, Co-Browsing requires NO downloads or installations. This makes things so much easier for your customers, especially the non-tech savvy type. You also don’t have to worry about firewalls or company device policies blocking the Co-Browsing software.

Second is the ability to mask all sensitive data, such as: (credit card data or address). Therefore the customer can be at ease while filling in his/ her personal information.

Third, the agent will only be able to see the website that is being co-navigated with the customer.

Putting this in mind, Xaleon builds every feature using the security-first approach.

The Bottom Line

We realize that Safety and Security are top priorities for banks. That’s why Xaleon has dedicated a powerful Co-Browsing software that will ensure customer privacy and security.

Banks can use Co-Browsing to help and sell at the same time. Co-Browsing also gives banks a competitive edge by enabling customers to walk through online processes effortlessly.

With Xaleon Co-Browsing solution, the communication process is clear, transparent, and brief.

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Ziad Hussien

In his dynamic role as Head of Content at Xaleon, Ziad is known for his tenacity and passion for shaping the future of company-customer communication. In this blog, Ziad shares his insights on how to improve and deliver the best possible customer experience when being in touch with customers digitally. Outside of Xaleon, he is an avid reader, blogger, pianist, poet, and a proud husband.

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