Benefits of Adding Co-Browsing to Live Chat

Ziad Hussien
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Apr 4, 2020

Customers are more fascinated about LiveChat than any other means of business-customer connection. Seventy-five percent of customers prefer to talk to an online company representative in real-time than answering calls. It is quick, easily accessible, and it is fast becoming a standard help channel. Adding Co-Browsing to it makes it even more engaging.

According to research by Accenture, 83 percent of customers benefit from more personalized service. Critically speaking, businesses should search for new and improved technological tools to equip a well-trained support team to answer customers’ queries accurately and without any hassle.

This article explains the various benefits of adding Co-Browsing to LiveChat Tools:

Co-Browsing makes the LiveChat an incredible tool to reach and assist customers. With Co-Browsing and LiveChat combined, support agents can respond directly, solving whatever problem the customer may have. This provides a better overall user experience for the customers.

Below are some of the reasons why businesses should integrate Co-Browsing to their support tools.

1. Collects Context Immediately

When a customer starts a conversation with a company agent, they expect help to come immediately. Though most customers prefer this way of assistance, it is often impossible for the agents to see what is happening on the customers’ end. With Co-Browsing, support agents do not only provide this immediate help, but they can also see what is happening on the customers’ screen. As a result, most of the valuable time is not wasted figuring out what problems the customer face. By integrating Co-Browsing, support agents can instantly access the customers’ screen by pressing just a single button.

2. Solves the Problem in One Chat Session

After identifying the problem, the agent can then resolve the issue in one chat session. Thanks to the shared navigation, the agents can not only look at the customers’ browsing screen, but also, they can interact and make the necessary adjustments. The agents can give them directions on how to resolve the problems right on their screen. This works exceptionally well with non-tech savvy customers.

3. Ensures High Customer Satisfaction

Integrating the Co-Browsing solution to the LiveChat tool provides customers with the service they expect. Issues are efficiently solved with minimal effort. Since customers don’t need to download or install the software, the support process goes smoothly. Customers need to approve the request of the agent to gain access to their screen with the click of a single button; it is that simple.

According to research by Forrester, a support service through Co-Browsing ensures high customer satisfaction up to 78% more than the regular means of communication.

4. Helps you Stay Ahead of Industry Competition

Live chat is becoming more and more popular with customers for laying complaints or asking questions regarding the services of a company. But because this is easily accessible, most customers take this for granted. The expectations of customers are sometimes too high that it leaves your support agents almost gasping for breath when trying to solve these problems. It is, therefore, difficult for your business to be outstanding among competing companies. If your competitor offers low-quality customer support, it allows you to take advantage and do it right. Most importantly, you will win the loyalty of the customers in your industry. By offering the Top Co-Browsing Solution, you will be able to stay ahead of the industry competition.


The combination of Co-Browsing solution and LiveChat as support tools deliver quick and efficient responses, thereby ensuring superb customer satisfaction. Additionally, it increases the productivity of your customer care agents, which consequently affects your business in more positive ways than you can imagine.

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