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Company Information

Xaleon (formerly Chatvisor GmbH) provides engagement software which supports organisations in seamless and friction-free digital engagement and interaction with their customers. Xaleon’s Engagement Platform enables clients to empower their sales, customer services and marketing teams to mirror in-person experiences, enabling them to remain competitive in a world of hyperconnectivity and personalisation.


The Leadership Team is the governing body of Xaleon. It is committed to Xaleon’s interests and bound by company policy. It provides guidance to the organisation on strategy as well as ensuring the vision and mission are met. With vast technology, as well as operational and creative experience, the team is set to ensure that high growth goals, as well as the ambition to help individuals and businesses is achieved.

Markus Wagner

Markus Wagner


Mathias Holzinger

Mathias Holzinger


Horst-Georg Fuchs

Horst-Georg Fuchs


Advisory Board

Herbert Gartner

CEO eQventure

Herbert Gartner

Herbert is founder and former CEO/CFO of SensorDynamics. He exited his company for $164m and founded eQventure, currently the largest business angel club and venture capitalist provider in Austria.

Franz Fuchsberger

Partner eQventure

Franz Fuchsberger

Franz is a co-founder and the former chief sales officer (until 12/2018) of the software test automation SaaS company Tricentis. He led and grew Tricentis’ salesforce from start-up to unicorn status.

Markus Presle

Partner eQventure

Markus Presle

Markus is co-founder of the HR SaaS prescreen.io, which was acquired for €27m by XING. After his exit, Markus remained with prescreen.io where he leads the division for strategic sales. He has been an active investor with eQventure since 2018.

Xaleons Geschichte




Founded in 2018, three entrepreneurs in Linz, Austria had a vision for a business that builds true engagement and collaboration between companies and their customers.




Won first customer, BMW Austria, followed by three new clients within months.




Launch of Sales Suite and Analytics Suite to further support clients with their entire engagement requirements.



And more

20 New Clients including Banks and Insurance organisations who trust Xaleon for their sales and support.




Xaleon has achieved year-on-year growth of 260%



New Platforms

Xaleon creates new features and introduces the Engagement Platform to further support customers.

What Xaleon delivers

What We Do and What We Deliver

We help companies facilitate the best possible digital communication experience across all their digital services and platforms. Our technology makes online support, consulting, and sales conversations feel like in-person interactions. Use metrics to analyse customer experiences on your site, measure customer satisfaction, and make informed decisions when designing products and/or optimizing customer journeys.

Xaleons diverity and inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

Xaleon is aware that diversity and inclusion within software and technology organisations still has a way to go in terms of gender, race and other areas of diversity. We are keenly aware that we can make a difference which is why we created a charter which promotes maximum diversity and inclusion.

Xalions sustainability and CSR focus

Our sustainability and CSR focus

Xaleon’s sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) focus is a biproduct of our purpose to help the communities engage with each other. Our efforts focus on creating a sustainable future for Xaleon, our customers, and society. Corporate Social Responsibility Xaleon is powering opportunity for all people through digital inclusion with the help of our talent, technology, and strategic partnerships.

Xaleon Community Engagement through Innovation

Community Engagement through Innovation

Xaleon’s mission is to create stronger communities through digital communication that closely mirrors the in-person experience we all appreciate. We believe that the companies we serve, whether it be a tier 1 bank, a healthcare organisation or a retailer, have an enormous role to play in their communities. Xaleon’s solutions create not only a better experience for users, customers or clients, but also for employees within these organisations. We believe that technology should make lives easier, which is why all our platforms are designed so that anyone can use them with ease.

Xaleons Quality


Every Xaleon employee has a quality assurance role, whether developing software or providing services and support. We cooperate closely with customers, partners, and suppliers, and regularly monitor our customers’ perception of our quality using feedback loops. Our quality culture is based on employee commitment, and we use innovative methods to support continuous product, process, and service quality improvement.

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